Crash Team Rumble Cinematic Intro

Crash Team Rumble Cinematic Intro Video Not Made By Sony

Toys for Bob and Activision Blizzard debuted the cinematic intro for Crash Team Rumble yesterday, but while the developer had implied the video was made by Sony Pictures Animation, this isn’t the case. It seems like the developer was pushing for consideration of a Crash Bandicoot movie instead.

Crash Team Rumble takes fruit collecting to a whole new level

The cinematic intro shows two teams of four characters attempting to gather Wumpa Fruit, but it’s not as simple as picking it from a tree or bush. Wumpa Fruit is found in crates liberally scattered across the map, but it can also seemingly be stolen by beating up opposing players and taking their loot. There’s even a glimpse of the powers of Uka Uka.

Thailand-based RiFF Studio has done a great job of introducing players to the spirit of the game in the cinematic that they created. If that’s got you in the mood to start thinking about strategies before the game is released in June, take a look at the tips and tricks from Toys for Bob.

In more disappointing news, Sony Pictures Animation hasn’t commented on Toys For Bob’s original tweet so we’re yet to find out whether there will be Crash Bandicoot movie.