Crash Team Rumble Release Date

Crash Team Rumble Release Date ‘Leak’ Seems Very Unlikely

The Crash Team Rumble release date has been supposedly “leaked” as April 4, 2023 by an online UK retailer called HIT. However, that release date seems optimistic, to put it mildly, since the game was only revealed at The Game Awards 2022 about a month ago.

Why the April release date for Crash Team Rumble looks dubious

Given that Activision and Toys for Bob only revealed Crash Team Rumble in December 2022 with a teaser trailer that said it was releasing sometime in 2023, the April release date from HIT seems unlikely on its face. We would imagine that a game like this would get at least a few more trailers and announcements before getting a solid release date like that.

While Crash Bandicoot 4 did release in October 2 on PS4 four months after its announcement on June 22, the initial trailer revealed a solid release date. The one for Crash Team Rumble didn’t.

The £63.99 price looks off as well, since most PS5 games sell for £69.99 at launch or something close to that. Even as a placeholder price, it’s odd. One sliver of hope is that it’s a discounted price for pre-ordering the game early.

We were originally doubtful about the legitimacy of the retailer HIT as our UK editors didn’t recognize it, but it’s a rebranding of a site called, which has been around since 2001. One of our editors, Rebecca Smith, did recognize as a retailer she noted for posts about deals in past articles.

That said, you should still take this leak, like all leaks, of an April release date with several grains of salt. Perhaps Activision has an announcement that will confirm or deny this release date very soon.