Sony 8K TV Amazon Deal

Get A Sony 8K TV For Over $1200 Off

There’s currently a great Amazon Deal that reduces a Sony 8K TV by a full 33%, allowing you to travel to the future without having to spend your entire life savings on it.

Upgrade to the future for a discount

Get the Sony Z9J 75 Inch TV Bravia XR 8K Full Array LED TV reduced from $3999.99 to $2699 here.

As you might imagine, 8K picture quality is something rather incredible. It’s the latest upgrade for TV resolution. Supposedly, past 8K the human eye cannot really distinguish the difference. This means that the 8K picture will look as good as anything in your room, and it means that gaming in 8K has to be seen to be believed.

In terms of audio, you get traditional TV speakers as you might expect, but you also get something referred to as ‘advanced frame-tweeter technology’ which produces sound from the top and sides of the TV, allowing sound to fill the entire room rather than being localized in exactly one place.

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