PS5 SSD Deal Kingston

This 1TB PS5 SSD Is Now Under $100

Looking for a PS5 external SSD deal? There’s no need to pay $200-300 anymore for a drive to expand your storage space. This Amazon deal will get you a PS5 compatible 1TB SSD for less than $100 so you can keep hoarding all those games you intend to play at some point.

Install all of your games in one place

Get your Kingston FURY Renegade 1TB SSD reduced from $112 to $98 here.

One of the major selling points of this Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB SSD is that it comes with an extremely high-performance speed. Indeed, it boasts a PCle Gen 4×4 NVMe performance of speeds up to 7300MB/s read speed and 7000MB/s write speeds. Additionally, since the SSD has a low-profile graphene aluminum heat spreader you don’t have to worry about overheating.

It’s pretty easy to install too, taking mere minutes to get functioning. (Though it can be tricky to get the outer shell off.) Once done, you’ll have double the high-speed storage to install games.

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