Deal of the Gods: God of War III for $38 with Free Shipping

Kevin Butler’s favorite distraction was undoubtedly the most anticipated games of this year up to its release on March 17th. God of War III topped charts, surpassed expectations, and even had a few surprises. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play this powerful game, a hot new deal might change your plans.

By a combination of promotional codes and coupons, Gamestop is offering God of War III for the unbelievably low price of $38.24.  Here’s what to do:

Make your way to and during checkout enter these 3 codes:




If you’ve been waiting, holding out for some secret deal, this is it. This is the one that makes these last few weeks of helplessly dodging internet spoilers worth the pain. The promo code ‘SAVER’ even earns you free shipping, and as this applies for NEW copies, used-game boycotters can rest easy. Trust us, this is one of the cheapest prices you’re going to find until GOWIII inevitably becomes a greatest hit. But if you need that last bit of peer pressure, check out our review.