Pre-Order Singularity for a Free Graphic Novel and $25 in Credits

Singularity is the latest time-manipulation game coming out towards the end of June. A certain online retailer has a few enticing pre-order deals in hopes that you will take the plunge sooner rather than later, including a graphic novel which you can preview after the jump.

As mentioned, Amazon is giving away a free graphic novel with pre-orders of the game. It is illustrated by artists including David Atchinson (Occult Times Taskforce), Christopher Morrison (Dust, 13 Chambers), Davide Fabbri (Star Wars on Dark Horse) and Tom Mandrake (Batman, The Punisher) but it doesn’t stop there. On top of the graphic novel, you will also receive a code for $20 off any future video game purchase, as well as a $5 credit for the Amazon MP3 downloads section. So that’s a free comic, $20 off your next game, and $5 of free MP3s all for the normal price of $59.99 USD (or less if the price drops between now and when the game ships). Is that enough to entice you to buy this sci-fi shooter? Get it here if you’re so inclined.