DualShock 3 Controller Dock Deal: $3 with Free Shipping

A deal has sprung into attention today that will come and go before too long. If you want it, and you probably do, act fast!

Deals site www.1saleaday.com is offering an unbelievable sale price for a 2 Port USB DualShock 3 Docking station. The reported original price of this item is $30, but with a ridiculous savings of 91%, you can get it now for less than $3.

The site lists no real details as to the origins of the station: No word on manufacturer name, quality of the item or customer reviews. The only details come by way of the item’s title, which is described, subtly might I add, as “PlayStation3 Dual Port Drop-in USB Charging Dock for PlayStation3 Handsets With LED Status Indicators”.

But really, at a price like $2.99 which includes free shipping, you’d have to have a pretty dang good reason to not be interested.

Click Here to check it out now!