BOOM! is Back in ‘Unstoppable’ Best Buy Offer

Exactly one year ago today, we showed you a Best Buy ad featuring the VP of the PlayStation LifeStyle, Kevin Butler. Since then the word BOOM! has taken on a whole new meaning; it has become synonymous with PS3/HDTV deals and general awesomeness. BOOM! is back again, this time with an even better deal before that features a 46″ LED HDTV, a copy of GT5, a Blu-ray movie and a PS3. Oh… and there’s some Kevin Butler thrown into the mix to crank it all up a notch.

Right now at Best Buy, when you buy a 46″ Bravia LED HDTV for $1300 (on sale from $2299), you get a free 160GB PS3, a copy of Gran Turismo 5 and Grown-Ups on Blu-ray. If that deal wasn’t sweet enough, everyone’s favorite VP is here to put the icing on the cake.