2TB PS4 Compatible Hard Drive on Sale (Update)


It looks like this popular deal has now increased to $94.99 on ebay, which, while still a great deal for this size of PS4 hard drive, is not as low as the originally stated sale price of $74.99. The lowest price is now $84.99 on Amazon, but be fast because that deal could change at any time too (thanks to FPlus PS3 for the tip). Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we bring you more great gaming deals going into the coming holiday season.

Original Story: 

Are you running out of room on your PlayStation 4’s stock hard drive? Deal seeking redditors have discovered a great deal on ebay for a 2TB hard drive that is compatible with your PS4. Though this portable hard drive is in an enclosure, the Reddit post includes a handy link to a Eurogamer article on exactly how to easily swap out the drive, as well as the performance enhancements you may see on your console when switching to the larger aftermarket drive. You might want to hurry though, as the quantity and time on the deal are both limited.

Be sure to check out our own article on how to change out your PS4 hard drive for more information on the process.

Thanks to Daniel Hardin for the tip!

[Source: Reddit]