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Readers’ Opinion: Would You Buy an Xbox Series X?

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We all know that PS5 sales are way up, spurred on by Sony actually having consoles to sell following widespread stock shortages. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X hasn’t been performing to the same standard. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft’s console isn’t worth buying, and we’re interested to find out if you dedicated PlayStation fans are at all interested in this generation’s Xbox. Let us know and we’ll feature our favorite replies in the next Readers’ Opinion.

Our opinion

As I already own an Xbox Series X this is a bit of an irrelevant opinion, but in the bizarro world where I haven’t exhausted my disposable income on video games, the Xbox is a great proposition as a Game Pass machine.

But with that being said, Sony has quietly been making PS Plus a much better service over the past few years. There are blockbuster PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Demon’s Soul available on there, along with a ton of games from PlayStation’s extensive back catalog. This makes PS Plus a pretty competitive alternative to Game Pass, along with Sony having the better exclusives of the two.

You said…

In the last Readers’ Opinion we asked which PS5 games you were most looking forward to. Turns out you were looking forward to a lot, even if some felt that PlayStation’s 2023 line-up was a little vague.

Yowzagabowza wrote:

Yeah, sure, I’m looking forward to Spider-Man 2 but I’m not like, champing at the bit for it or anything. I pretty much know what to expect from the game already and I haven’t seen a single thing about it at all.

Wolverine will probably be good, too. Not sure what genre that game will be, linear or open world or like, “expanded linear”.

I wish we had an idea of what’s in store for the rest of this year, though. I don’t really like when games are announced two or three years out, but I also don’t like when there are no games coming at all.

Oh yeah, and Factions 2. Don’t care about that game at all : )

On social media, Twitter was mostly agreement that Bloodborne 2 was long overdue: