LawBreakers Creator Wants Nexon to Resurrect Game

LawBreakers creator Cliff Bleszinski wants publisher Nexon to resurrect the first-person hero shooter nearly five years after it shut down. A PS4 console exclusive, the game released in August 2017 to positive reviews, but failed to attract players. Shortly before LawBreakers servers were sunset, Bleszinski’s studio Boss Key Productions was dissolved.

Cliff Bleszinski wants to serve as “consultant” on LawBreakers

Not long ago, Bleszinski tweeted that he received a text from his lawyer about LawBreakers. Without elaborating further, he asked followers to stay tuned. Late last week, he followed up with a tweet stating that he’s found out that it’s publisher Nexon who owns the IP. As a result, he asked Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney to message him.

Interestingly, Bleszinski says he’s not interested in making games. However, he’s not opposed to a third party working with Nexon to bring LawBreakers back online while he serves as a consultant.

Following LawBreakers shutting down, Bleszinski – most known for Unreal and Gears of War series – claimed that releasing the game on PS4 instead of Xbox One was a “mistake.” He also blamed Nexon for lackluster marketing, which was followed by a public spat between him and former Nexon vice president Vlad Coho, who termed LawBreakers the biggest flop of 2017.