Horizon Burning Shores Review Bomb

Horizon: Burning Shores Review Bomb Rages On, Metacritic Score Lowered to 3.2

Following some interesting character developments occurring in the new expansion, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores has been subjected to review bombing on Metacritic. Despite Metacritic’s attempts to counter the unjustified low scores, the User Score has reached a new low.

Horizon: Burning Shores Metacritic review bombing continues

Horizon Burning Shores Review Bomb

At the time of writing, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores currently has a User Score of 3.2 based on 1,374 ratings.

Many of the negative reviews target Aloy’s “sexual orientation” and a “political agenda.” One comment claims that the game has been “ruined by the gay agenda.” Another comment states that “the love storyline is there just to push LGTB agenda in your face.”

Very few of the outright “0” scores talk about anything other than the small moment shared by Aloy and Seyka. There’s no mention of any performance, visual presentation, or gameplay.

In contrast to the User Scores, the expansion’s actual Metacritic score (based on verified critics) sits at a very healthy 82.

Hopefully the war being raged between review bombers and Metacritic will end sooner rather than later. For now, though, it seems that naysayers are determined to continue the barrage of zeroes. In the 15 minutes spent writing this post, 14 more ratings have been added.