PS Plus April 2023 games

Here’s How Much PS Plus April 2023 Games Are Worth

Folks deciding between between PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium plans this month might find it useful to know how much the April 2023 games line-up is worth. There’s a bit of an overlap this month in that Sackboy: A Big Adventure is included in all three subscriptions.

Value of PS Plus April 2023 games

Reddit user kabirsingh84 has kindly compiled a list of all the games included in all three PS Plus tiers in April 2023, and their latest sale price (note: this isn’t MSRP). Based on this, PS Plus Essential offers $58.52 worth of games this month, Extra offers $127.89 worth of games, and Premium/Deluxe offers an additional $15.96 worth of classics (on top of Extra games for a total value of $143.85).

Credit: Redditor Kabirsingh84

Unlike Extra and Premium games, Essential games are yours to keep as long as you have an active subscription, so that’s something worth considering as well.

As a reminder, we advise folks with Essential membership to claim games (like Sackboy: A Big Adventure this month) via the Essential tier and avoid claiming duplicates via Extra/Premium subscription should they ever upgrade in the future. Doing so will override your Essential license, making you lose access to games once they leave the Extra and Premium catalogs.