PS3 firmware 2.20 due on or before April 8th


On April 8th the first batch of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment BD-Live titles are due in stores.   Walk Hard, and The 6th Day are the first two titles from the studio to feature BD-Live, the new internet enabled feature on Blu-Ray discs.

Sony is planning on releasing the firmware update 2.20 to coincide with the release of these movies.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is the first Blu-Ray player that will get Blu-Ray profile 2.0 making the PS3 the most future proof Blu-Ray player on the market.

There are some BD-Live titles already on store shelves including Liongsgate films “War” and “Saw IV’, even though there isnt a Blu-Ray player that can take advantage of the web-enabled features yet.

Some of the potential features BD-Live titles will have include a vast range of internet-based features, including ringtone downloads, wallpaper downloads, live virtual events and even games.