Home is coming when???????

Home beta

Home Open Beta on X-Date…..Not so fast!!!!


Fresh on the heels of the Colorize.net fiasco, there have been the proliferation of new Home Beta release rumors. The latest being that Home will be released on April 18th. In the time between the colorize site being found to be a failure and the latest rumor of a release on April 18th, several other rumors have sprung up on the net.


  1. It was reported by JonnyRam on the neogaf forums, that Home would have an Open Beta release in Japan on March 24th. March 24th has come and gone in Japan without a Home release. JonnyRam is reputed on the neogaf forums for relaying credible information and several things could have occurred between his initial announcement of this in late January. However, there are several sad and disappointed on the neogaf and U.S. Playstation Home forum due to the lack of a release. Status: Debunked

  2. April 1st is another date that is being touted as the release date of Home or the Home Open Beta. Though this date is the start of the new fiscal year, it is also known as April Fool’s day. It is rather hard to place much credence in any claim that this would be the launch of Home. However, Stringer and Hirai have stated that we will see PSN expansion this year. Status: Pending

  3. There has been an uproar regarding the reported leaked PSN release list. This list is supposedly the schedule for PSN releases in Europe. It should be noted that Home will be released in July according to the list. Sony has since released a statement saying that the release dates for titles coming to PSN are always subject to change. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t a denial or a confirmation. Status: Pending

  4. The April 18th rumor is quite recent. Individuals have been posting in various forums that Sony has contacted them regarding their interest in being a part of the Open Beta. Some state that they have been contacted by email and others state that they have been via PSN. The supposed PSN invites seem a little fishy to me. Has anyone out there received an email regarding the Open Beta? If so, please let us know. Status: Pending


My advice regarding the various rumors regarding the impending release of Home and/or the open beta is to wait for an official word from Sony. It will prevent a lot of disappointment and will be the only 100% reliable source of information regarding Home.


Thanks for reading.