PS5 scalpers
Image: Scalper Mike Feichtner

PS5 Scalpers Having a Hard Time Selling Consoles

PS5 scalpers are apparently having a hard time offloading their inventory after Sony officially put an end to stock shortage stemming from the pandemic. Like other in-demand products, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S suffered from restricted supply for nearly two years after launch – a situation made worse by scalpers who sought to take advantage of global supply chain disruptions.

PS5 scalpers selling consoles for lower than their retail price

As spotted by Redditors and TheGamer, Facebook Marketplace has quite a few listings from sellers who are evidently scalpers, selling PS5s for as low as $400. A similar situation is unfolding on eBay, where sellers are willing to part with PS5s for less than $500.

Some Redditors have pointed out that PS5’s God of War Ragnarok bundles, which retail for over $500, are being sold for under the standard disc console’s MSRP. This is particularly interesting to note because Sony shipped quite a few Ragnarok bundles to coincide with the game’s release and it was around the same time that supply began to substantially improve. Perhaps, some scalpers miscalculated their moves but we can’t say we feel sorry for them.

Despite the savings being offered here, we advise purchasing consoles with an actual receipt from your local retailer for warranty purposes.