Media Molecule Senior Producer Leaves

Rumors of Media Molecule’s Demise Begin as Senior Producer Leaves

Players have gotten concerned over rumors that are starting to spread about the future of Media Molecule as the company’s Senior Producer Suzy Wallace leaves for another PlayStation Studio. This departure is just the latest as the studio changes direction away from Dreams.

Will Media Molecule be closed as the Senior Producer leaves?

Media Molecule has no plans to close the studio at the moment. While Suzy Wallace follows the studio’s co-founder Mark Healey in leaving the studio for pastures new, and live support and updates are winding down for their latest title Dreams, the studio is merely changing direction.

According to current Studio Director Siobhan Reddy, the studio is working on a new project that is “exciting but too early for us to talk about.” More information on this is expected at a later date.

In the meantime, Wallace has become Development Director at Firesprite on a “new, exciting project” according to a LinkedIn post (thanks @sami_odyssey). Firesprite has multiple projects in progress right now, including three new games. These are a “blockbuster” action-adventure game, a AAA quality “ground-breaking next generation PvP shooter project with a Games as a Service focus,” and a AAA “dark, story-driven next-generation ‘Narrative Adventure’ with genre-defining goals.” It’s unknown which of these will be the project on which Wallace is working.