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First-Person Slasher Chivalry II Coming to Current and Next-Gen Consoles, Along With Cross-Play

Torn Banner Studios’ multiplayer-centric Chivalry II was previously announced to launch on PC via Epic Games Store. Now the studio has confirmed that PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions are in the works, too. Better still, cross-play functionality across all platforms is officially a go.

During IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, Torn Banner and publisher Tripwire announced the news with a brand-new trailer. Get a look at Chivalry II’s first-person slasher gameplay in the video down below:

Chivalry II serves as a sequel to Torn Banner’s Chivalry Medieval Warfare, which originally launched on PC in 2012, before releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as PS4 and Xbox One years later. The franchise essentially allows players to live out their Medieval fantasies, taking part in cinematic brutal battles, calvary charges, and castle sieges. Deadly hack and slash gameplay opens the door for a world of possibilities in this regard, especially given Chivalry’s medieval movie inspirations.

According to the sequel’s website, Team Objective maps in Chivalry II will host upwards of 64 players at a time. Such massive battles will see players firing catapults, burning villages, and participating in a variety of other gruesome acts of war.

Torn Banner has upped the ante in terms of character customization as well. Plus, thousands of new “hilarious” lines of dialogue will feature in the new entry. Players are bound to come across a slew of them during battle cries, even when their character is down and bleeding out.

Additionally, Chivalry II is introducing a revamped combat system, complete with immersive and chilling sound effects. Upon going hands-on, players should notice that gameplay has more fluidity and speed, in addition to “an expanded range of creative choices.” Torn Banner implemented these changes to guarantee players are able to hone their playstyle to their liking.

Chivalry II presently lacks a release date.

[Source: Tripwire via IGN]